We Are Skywalkers
© accioloki

This Friday, everybody’s baby’s momma gets in fr-fr-fr-fr-fr-free!
Come thru and support the squad. Like…eight niggas is rapping, we got free shirts and free bud (if you catch us before the show, you can smoke some).
Come fuck with your local DIY rappers.


b r u h

We did an interview with mainframemag for their 2nd issue.
Click the link to check it out


Hey Guys, Guess What

We have a show in Pomona at Dba256 on June 6th. We’re playing with SpeeksGeak(who’s actually celebrating his Birthday today) & a couple of other talented artists. We’ll be playing new songs & acting hella awkward.

Come thru if you’re over 21.
Shit is free.

This Is A Man’s World - WeAreSkywalkers (prod. by Scratch Muzik)

A Trailer (Mr Fahrenheit remix)

Toxic (red band trailer) - WeAreSkywalkers (prod. by Skywlkr)

He’s A Killer (queen) - WeAreSkywalkers 

Intoxicated (remix) - Q feat WeAreSkywalkers (prod. by La Chase)

Goin in - WeAreSkywalkers

Cloud Kingdom - WeAreSkywalkers

Arvada - WeAreSkywalkers (prod. Ansty)

Under/The Influence - WeAreSkywalkers 

Raven Nasa "Hide" R E M I X

Raven rapped over this track before Gambino did, ya’ll just hearing it late is all.


"WeAreSkywalkers interview"

Part 1

questions start at 4:08

*looses sync near the end