We Are Skywalkers
© accioloki

We’re close to finishing our best mixtape yet, “The Lazy Mixtape 5”.

We use the roman numeral “V” because we’re fancy. TLMV is our best tape cuz…I mean, it’s a mixture of commercial beats and some beats by a swaggy kidd by the name of Aynus.

So be on the lookout for that.

W.A.S. Silk Pillow (remix)


Me rapping over Childish Gambino/Beck’s “Silk Pillow”.

"Now this fat faggot is back at it and making magic and he’s spazzin like a crack addict with Parkinson’s" 




"The Comeback Kids are a collective of talented hip hop kids who make Childish Gambino look… well… childish."

That being said, You should go vote for us by clicking this link.

Listen to both songs and decide who’s better.


Raves rapping over “The Anthem” by Onra.

From TheLazyMitapeV.


The editing of our Zomebie Song “Night of the Living Emcee’s” into the final production of “Busy Signal” an Indie Zombie Flick set up by our favorite Dj, Dj MC Animal


this thing is happening.

oh yea, Shok’s Birthday is tomorrow huh?

Comeback/!/Music Cornbread Untitled

A rough version of a new song entitled, Cornbread.

Rapped by:  Kid Raves

Produced by: Kid Shok


the instrumental I’m working on for “TheLazyMixtape5”


Got A First Feature on Tha-Allience.org

"They bring something the game so dearly needed: outcast kids."


We have an article on Culture&Tracks.com

Click here to see the full article.

David McCloud I want some popcorn

Something Shok just made.

It’s called, “I want some popcorn”.

*Samples Hotdamnirock’s “Simple Mathematics”


Alec told me to finish the Rockferry instrumental I was working on.

So I did.

here it is.


an instrumental i’m currently working on.

*samples Duffy’s “Rockferry”.


Comeback/!/Music Clockwise

An old song you haven’t heard before.

It’s called, “Skywalker”. Prod. by David McCloud.


Lyrics: Footprints in the clouds, yeah i’ma Skywalker (x4)

Sharing a room with the mirror/i’m starting to see things alot clearer or darker/somebody tell Luke i am his father/footprints in the clouds yeah i’m a Skywalker/and i’m always on my job so i dont clock out/and i’m always on top so I dont tap out/i see the goal like all i gotta do is reach for it/saved by the bell/all my fans please screech for me/i see the goal like all i gotta do is kick it/and pray that i dont eat the golden ticket/wicked/on top like the light bulb over a genius/youtube fresh like man have you seen this/or have you seen them/they say they like us cuz we dont sound like them/we sound like us/united states of mind/baby dont mind u.s./we are the rugrats of this generation/we squeeze out thoughts/yeah we call it concentration/but naw/we dont listen to the radio/cuz we get Mono tryna listen to ya stereo/are you listening/or do you hear me tho/i tell money what i want like do ya hear me dough/even handicapped haters still feel us though/take the tampons out ya ears cuz all we do is flow.